Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mega Fund Raising Weekend Upon Us...

Join POWWOW's National PALS charity benefit as we kick-off the weekend on Saturday, June 21st, with our 2nd annual Parent Reception; then on Sunday, June 22nd, we have celebrity alums of WHS on campus for a basketball exhibition, 02 vs. 05, and immediately following--the celebs take center court!

Parent Reception
Saturday, June 21st at 5.30pm
Westchester High School Senior Lawn

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lewis King of UCLA and the Bradley Foundation on "Eliminating Achievement Gaps Through Reducing Gaps In Parent Participation".


Celebrity Basketball Game
Sunday, June 22nd at 2pm
Westchester High School Gym
  1. Trevor Ariza Los Angeles Lakers
  2. Amir Johnson Detroit Pistons
  3. Gabe Pruitt Boston Celtics ' 08 Champions
  4. Hassan Adams Various NBA Teams

Proceeds will benefit POWWOW's National PALS non-profit. Please support our Parent Group.